the approach


fleet assets demand long-term committment to planning, communication and knowledge traNSFER


With 30 years of professional experience, including senior roles with Finning (world's top Cat dealer), and PricewaterhouseCoopers' global mining group, I've solved problems by paying attention to the details:

  • Creating comprehensive equipment plans based on a realistic life cycle cost models 
  • Building constructive supplier relationships
  • Improving team skills and knowledge
  • Implementing constant, purposeful communication


MARC Audit

Delivered on-site MARC contract audits in Africa for one of the world's largest mining companies. Audits considered current performance against global standards for maintenance costs, work force, availability and overheads. Also identified mutual actions that improved performance for both the mine and the MARC contractor.



Created an operating plan that consolidated maintenance management for five coal mines operating in the same region in western USA.

Fleet Budget

Created detailed life cycle cost-based mobile fleet budget for a 50 million BCM/year development in Alberta's oilsands for a major multi-national energy company.

Expert Witness Testimony

Provided expert testimony to an international tribunal concerning maintenance standard of care as it applied to a remote South American mine during a $100 million litigation. 

Sample Engagements:

the problem

Unbiased Mobile Equipment Advice

It's difficult to get an objective opinion about mining fleets - suppliers have the knowledge but they also have a product to sell, and independent experts often aren't well versed in fleet assets. 

Vanishing Skills

There's a knowledge gap in mining today - smart young engineers have the technical skills but demographics have stripped the industry of experienced mentors.


Detailed cost data is hard to obtain because it's tough to assemble reliable information from multiple sources and dealers are legitmately concerned about providing estimates that end up being interpreted as guarantees.