marc audits

Supporting major mines and mining contractors negotiate and assess MARC contracts.


Helping clients achieve optimal machine availability and financial performance for fleet assets.


Presenting credible opinions concerning mining fleet performance and industry standard of care to international tribunals and mediations. 

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Subscribe to a unique online solution based on over 1,000 in-service machines representing 25 million operating hours. HME Benchmark deliverscontextual estimates for maintenance costs, availability and manpower ratios for common classes of surface mining equipment.  

HME Benchmark


Online equipment cost estimator for mining professionals



Welcome to MGCURRIE.COM, your portal to innovative support for global mining fleets

Thanks for visiting. My name is Michael Currie and I deliver unique mobile equipment solutions to the mining industry.

Building on 30 years in the sector, I've assisted some of the world's top mines and mining contractors solve problems, not just identify them. Objectivity differentiates my work; I have deep understanding of fleet economics and mobile equipment operating & maintenance strategy, but I'm not aligned with any of the OEM's. 

​My approach has always been that costs and availability are outcomes, the result of a handful of variables that influence machine performance. 

Understanding how these variables impact your fleet is the first step in developing an effective plan.

Please contact me to learn more. 

Mobile Equipment Management Consulting and Data Services